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Back Follow and Message Feature Detail Video

Feature "Back Follow and Message" help you back follow those friends who have followed you on their initiative but you haven't followed them and let them be your real friends so that you can send direct messages to them

Notice: The first step is to add one or multiple twitter accounts into the "Manage Accounts" dialog box, so that you can use the feature for your twitter accounts. (If you have added your accounts into the "Manage Accounts" dialog box, you can skip this step.)

  1. Open "Manage Accounts", click "Add" button and follow steps below:

    1. Input your username and password,Click "OK" button to add account;
    2. You can add more accounts in the same ways;
    3. Or you can import a list of twitter accounts by the "Import" button;

    Then your accounts will be listed in the box as follows:

  2. After adding accounts into the "Manage Accounts" dialog box, go back to "Back Follow and Message" now. Close the box first, find the main menu and go to "Back Follow and Message" feature as follows:

  3. click "Back Follow and Message" in the menu, there will be a new window. Please choose the right parameter and input the message, then it will back follow and message for your Twitter accounts automatically.

  4. Account
  5. There are two ways you can choose to back follow and message:

    1. Select one account -->back follow and send direct messages only to this account's followers
    2. "All Accounts: One by One, Rotate to next when back followed all friends in one account"-->back follow and message for all accounts one by one, move to next account when finishing back follow and message to one account's all followers

  6. Interval
  7. Interval means after back follow and message one follower, it will stop at an interval time, then continue to back follow and message to the next follower. There are several selections, you can choose the interval time fits you. For example, if choose "Random time between 1-10 seconds", it will pause at a random time between 1-10 seconds, and continue to back follow and message to the next follower.

  8. Message
  9. The message max is 140 characters, input what you want to say to the followers.

    Tip: In order to make the messages unique when sending to different followers, you can insert <Username>, <RandomString>, <RandomLetter>, or <RandomNumber> before or behind the message.Be attention you can choose all these fields one time or just one or two fields, and the two words' first letter should be capital letter, and there's no blank between two words.

  10. Proxy
  11. Click "Config" button, then a new dialog box appears:

    1. "Default: Don't use proxy server"--> use the computer's own IP
    2. "Use account Proxy Server Setting--> use the account's own proxy server when it was created.
    3. "Use following proxy server"--> you can choose a certain proxy server and input it's host and port for running this feature

  12. Delete suspended account from account list automaticlly

  13. select the option, it will delete suspended accounts from accounts list automatically when running this feature.

  14. Examples

    1. Let's choose one account to back follow and message as an example and use the settings as below:

    2. Click "OK" and run this feature. On the right side is the working status in the console. You can see the exact working status about how many followers it has back followed .

      It pauses at a random time between 1 and 10 seconds after followed a friend. You can click the red button to stop if you want to.

    3. Let's see how it works when select "All Accounts: Retate to next when back followed all friends in one account". And use the settings as follows:

    4. Click "OK" and run this feature,then you can see the detail information in the console window as follows:

      It can work 24 hours for you, you can just set and forget it. The software can back follow and message for all your twitter accounts automatically.