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Follow Friends Feature Detail Video

The "Follow Friends" feature is used to add friends for your twitter accounts, it is included in every one of our products, there are three options in this feature. You can add random friends or high targeted friends with them in your demand.

  1. Add accounts into the "Manage Accounts" dialog box

  2. The first step is to add one or multiple twitter accounts into the "Manage Accounts" dialog box, so that you can add friends to your accounts.

    Open "Manage Accounts", click "Add" button and then follow the steps below:

    1. Input your username and password;

    2. Click "OK" button to add account;

    3. Add more accounts in the same way;

    4. Or you can import a list of your twitter accounts by the "Import" function;

    5. Then your accounts will be listed in this box as follows:

  3. Follow Friends Parameter

  4. After adding accounts into the "Manage Accounts" dialog box, you can go back to follow friends now. Close the box first. Find the main menu and go to "Follow Friends" feature as follows:

    When you click "Follow Friends" menu, there will be a new dialog box shown like this:

    In the "Account" section, there are several options for you to choose as follows:

    1. You can follow friends for any one of your accounts, or all accounts;

    2. There are several options you can see in the box when you choose all accounts;

    3. If you choose the recommended option to follow 100 random friends, and you have 6 accounts, then the sixth account won't add friends. The 100 friends will be added to the first five accounts, each will add 20 accounts.

  5. "Friends"

  6. Now we come to the main menu in this dialog box-- "Friends".

    Then there will be a new dialog box when you click "Load" button, as you can see below:

    1. You can add 100 free friends to your accounts per day, with the "Free Service".

    2. Or use the "Member Service" to add 1000 random friends per day, it is $10 per month. You have to subscribe to be our member. When you select the member service, and click "OK" to follow friends, you will see a new box like this:

    3. It will ask you to input your username and password, this is the username and password of this service, not your ID&SN, if you are not our member yet, click "Subscribe" and you will get to the register page as follows:

      Just register to be one of our members, after you have registered to be a member of this service, please input your username and password so that you can enjoy this service.

    4. The "Custom Service" is a special service, if you want to follow special targeted friends, please contact our 7*24 hours support for more details.

  7. Settings for following friends

    1. "Thread" and "Interval" are used to control the speed of adding friends, thread is from 0 to 10, the more the faster, none thread is recommended, it's fast enough.

    2. And several options for interval as follows:

    3. If you select the recommended interval, it will stop at a random time between 6 and 60 seconds after adding a friend. Sometimes it may stops 35 seconds, sometimes it maybe 10 seconds, it is a random pause between 6 and 60 seconds. If you don't want to run too fast, you can select any interval.

      If you choose multiple threads, then the interval will not work.

    4. The proxy server is more important when you are creating accounts, you don't have to use proxy server when following friends, click "Config" and you will see a new dialog box, there are three options below:

    5. Usually we don't use proxy server, choose the first option and click "OK" button to go on. Of course you can use the accounts' proxy server setting, or a valid proxy server, just input it in the host and port fields.

  8. Examples

    1. Free Service.

    2. Now take an account for example to follow 100 free friends with no thread and recommended interval. Don't use proxy server, the settings are as follows:

      Click "OK" and run this feature, run in background or not.

      On the right side is the adding status in the console:

      It stops at a random time between 6 and 60 seconds after adding one friend. And you see the exact adding status about how many friends it has added and who those friends are, and so on:

      You can click the red button to stop if you want to.

    3. Member Service

    4. Let's have a look at how it works when following friends for all accounts with the "Member Service". Use the following parameters to follow 100 random friends as follows:

      It will rotate to next account after following friends for one account, as you can see above. After following friends, you can update your accounts to get the newest data.