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Modify Accounts' Bio and Location Detail Video

Many friends have known how to modify the basic information with the "Modify Accounts" feature, but some may be curious, if I only want to modify the bio and location, or only one of the factors, what should I do to make it? Can I just load the bio and location in a text file?

Right here we are going to tell you a tip, load only new bio and location from a text file to modify multiple twitter accounts. We need to use the field called "Current" to replace the original information, only modify the information you want.

  1. Add some accounts into the "Manage Accounts" box first:

  2. Open the three twitter accounts' homepages.

  3. Check the original information of the three twitter accounts one by one as follows.

  4. Three have their own URL, Name, Bio and Location as you can see from the above pictures. Now we go bcak to the software and modify their bio and location. Below is the "Modify Accounts" dialog box, we will choose the third option:

  5. When you modify accounts with this option, obvirously you need to put the new URL, Name, Bio and Location in a text file. This is the point, when you don't want to modify the URL and Name, then you should put the new information in the file as follows:

    The first "Current" is instead of the URL, the second "Current" is instead of the full name, it won't change the URL and full name when modifying twitter accounts. Don't leave blank in front of or behind each colon.

  6. Then click "Browse" button to find the text file which contains your new information as follows:

  7. The finnal setting should be like this, picture and background keep current as well, recommended thread and don't use proxy server, click "OK" and wait:

  8. A few seonds later, it shows modified three twitter accounts in the console:

  9. Go to refresh the three homepages of the twitter accounts and check the new Bio and Location for the first account, similar with other two accounts:

  10. The URL and full name didn't change, only the Bio and Location have been modified. Modifying twitter accounts by the "Current" field is very useful and convenient. Which factor you don't want to modify, just leave it "Current" in the text file.